Monday, June 28, 2010


Last week, I released my Albany Reform Agenda to target conflicts of interest in government and strengthen enforcement tools. My reforms include making the Legislature full-time and pursuing public financing of state elections – similar to the system at work in New York City – so that we can eliminate the influence special interests may have on elected officials.

This plan expands on my commitment to take on corruption at all levels of government. In April, I released my Public Integrity Agenda to investigate and prosecute abuses by public officers. You can read more about my Public Integrity Agenda and Albany Reform Agenda, as well as my other policy outlines, on my website listed on the upper left of Mike's Blog.

I have met with New Yorkers across the state to talk about this year’s election and our future. Though we are diverse, we share a belief that government can do better and work smarter for its people.

That’s why I am running for Attorney General – to do the work that New Yorkers expect and deserve of their public officials.

I have tackled difficult problems, creatively using existing law to find solutions – from holding Wall Street’s biggest firms accountable while in the Attorney General’s office to watching over insurance companies and protecting policyholders as the head of New York’s Insurance Department.

As the next Attorney General, I will put my problem-solving experience, strength and independence to work for you.

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