Friday, June 04, 2010


This Thursday evening, with a break in my Ulster County schedule, I found myself watching the fun at the Rockland County Democratic Convention. For those of us who attend such functions, you expect there to be food. That's half the reason I go. But there was no food at this one so you know I was disappointed.

The Rockland County Dems have chosen Clarkstown Town Clerk, David Carlucci (pictured above) as its candidate for the 38th State Senate seat. He beat out the opposition Grant Valentine (pictured right) and Peter Dolan and Lou Tharp by 150 to 2. Valentine got the 2. I witnessed Carlucci get the endorsement in Orange County the night before with about the same proportion.

One speech that seemed to have everyone on their feet in applause was made by Congressman Eliot Engel in the 17th District. His plea for Democratic unity as we head into this election cycle is what the crowd was looking for. I'd say he made the case.

What we do know about conventions is that the committee shutout doesn't always mean there wont be a primary. After all, the people voting in committee are but a small fraction of the electorate and most candidates would like to give the registered democrats in the district the opportunity to chose their candidate. Having said that, I heard Grant Valentine of Ramapo, Lou Tharp of Nyack, and Peter Dolan of Tuxedo fully intend to stay in the race.

I should note: AG candidate Eric Dinallo started the evening off with a well received speech at their convention. Having made the effort to address democratic membership across the state, Eric has addressed thousands of willing attendees looking for a reason to chose one AG candidate over the others. Thursday night, I think he did just that.


Anonymous said...

i would have given you half of my food if i were there :)

Cliff Weathers said...

If we served food at a Rockland County Democratic Convention, a food fight would likely break out.

Anonymous said...

Your comment about candidates who lose endorsements by committees seeking to primary to give people a chance to choose their candidates makes sense....some of these committee types don't even know the person they vote primaries are good for everyone involved.