Monday, December 05, 2011


WiThePeople recently posted this video of Diane Reeder. She is the Executive Director of The Queens Galley, a food insecurity resource center she founded in 2006.  
The website pointed out that when the Queens Galley first opened, they served about 1,200 meals per month.  Now, in 2011, they serve between 9,000 and 9,500 meals per month.
Queens Galley is located on Washington Avenue in Kingston NY.
For more information on The Queens Galley, visit


Anonymous said...

I can tell you why the number of meals have soared,I see people going there twice a day,seven days a week,thats 56 meals served to one person in a 1 month period.These very same people are getting food stamps and abusing them by shopping for other people and getting cash because they know they won't go hungry as long as they can eat at the galley.Diane is a wonderful person that wants nobody to be hungry,but as long as this abuse continues her numbers are going to rise even more and the working family that may need a couple of meals to stretch thier money might not be able to because there may not be enough to go around.The system needs to be fixed.

Joy Twesigye said...

Times are difficult and no one knows what it is like in any one else shoes. I certainly would not want to begrudge someone who wants to eat more than once a day. I'm not sure why the poor should be made to suffer more than they are already suffering. Everybody Eats in DC is panning on opening a community cafe that has a pay-as-you-can philosophy. These seem to be hlding financiall and even Jon Bon Jovi opened one this fall. Maybe something to consider for the future.

Anonymous said...

the point 7:03 is trying to make is the outright abuse by some people selling thier food stamps because they know they will get a hot meal at the galley.the system needs fixing

Anonymous said...

• Free school lunch kids waste 46% more food than regular price kids. How can poor kids be hungrier?
• School lunch waste is about 30%. Where’s the hunger?
• School lunch provides all the calories a kid needs; then poor kids go home and eat the food stamp pop, candy bars, take-and-bake pizza and donuts.
• A family of 6 can get $23,900 per year in food stamps, free school food and food bank food. A non-recipient family of 6 usually spends $11,500 per year on food.
• A family of 6 can earn up to $55,000 and qualify for food stamps and Women, Infants and Children, WIC.
• The poor are adding weight faster than the non-poor.
• Arguments as to why the poor make bad choices with food stamps do not stand scrutiny.
• The food stamp program this year costs $77 billion. Mr. Obama wants to add $9 billion to that. A healthy food list reform, along the lines of the WIC program, could cut spending in half; no recipient would go hungry and the nation’s deficit would be substantially reduced.
• At least 57% of food stamp spending is for foods high in high fructose corn syrup, cholesterol, fat and sodium. Food stamps buy unhealthy food.
• The USDA and the Obama Administration are aggressively expanding food stamps, free school lunch and after school supper.