Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Now that 2011 has come to a close, lets look at a small issue that since the reports came out, the main stream media have chosen to ignore.
During 2010, our planet saw the largest increase in carbon emissions since the Industrial Revolution.

There. I said it. According to the Global Carbon Project, an international group of scientists tracking these numbers, emissions during that one year jumped about 6%. This is scary stuff. Question is, why haven't the news outlets pounced on this?
Nature Geoscience Journal published a report detailing the evidence that confirms just how much humans contribute to this disaster since 1950. That would be three quarters in case you're interested. Let it be known that 10 of the hottest years ever recorded have occurred in the last 15 years.
What are world leaders going to do about it? They're going to jump right on this issue, right? 
Ha! Fooled you. These turds are going to wait another eight years to cut emissions. And not a minute before dammit! 
In all fairness, they do intend to have some resemblance of a plan by 2015, but don't hold your breath. These folks only serve themselves and those who contribute the most money to their campaigns. Coincidently, the worst polluters are usually those same financial supporters.
Although the EPA has finally accepted CO2 as a contributing pollutant, it seems the US will participate in the "kicking the can" mentality while the Durbin agreement, which contains plenty of loopholes, states emissions won’t be cut until 2020. (Long after the current knuckleheads in Congress have made their fortunes and moved on)
Is this the year that we eventually look back and say, Yeah, that's when us humans took the path of no return, the inevitable ruination of our planet? I certainly hope not.

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Anonymous said...

Dont be expecting things to get better any time soon. If the powerful want to stay in power, change is the enemy.

Just the fact that Geithner is still in the president's cabinet should be the tip off. Nothing good can come of it.