Thursday, September 08, 2011


I have reposted an interesting article I found below. 
Links to sources included.
How Small Business Doesn't Hate Regulation
by Stuart Shapiro
Last week Andy Bolin posted an article with several small businesses quoted as saying that regulation wasn’t a major cost for them. 
(link at bottom) While that anecdotal data was interesting, it turns out that the sentiment is much broader.  The National Association for Business Economics did a broader survey.  The results were the same.
Regulatory activity has gained a lot of attention, with many groups suggesting that American businesses are overregulated by the current administration. With that said, 80 percent of survey respondents felt that the current regulatory environment was “good” for American businesses and the overall economy.
I’ve said it before and I will say it again, when the Chamber of Commerce or a Washington politician voices concern for small businesses, you should automatically substitute the word “big” for the word “small.”

Heath care, banking and labor laws affect big corporations, not small businesses


Anonymous said...

Truth is, it's not small businesses that are heavily regulated and have huge overheads to meet their regulatory requirements. On the other hand, it's the big businesses that really need to be regulated and possibly regulated more than they are today.

Big finance, big pharma, big agriculture, big food manufacturing, big power, big anything that produces carbon emissions, etc.

And guess who puts big money into hiring mouthpieces for PR and lobbying, and whose big clout probably dominates the national chamber of commerce?

This is a follow-the-money story. And it has nothing to do with small business.
I a small business owner here in Kingston, who occasionally winces at my tax bill when cash flow is tight, but I have no quibble with the necessity to pay it.
An orderly, compassionate society with a functional infrastructure isn't free, and without it it would be a lot tougher to survive and make a living.

Anonymous said...

I am a small business owner in Hudson. I personally am proud when I can pay my taxes because it provides for the very government that protects me and our freedoms. People who complain, even as our taxes are historically LOW today, that we pay too much are wining too much and helping not at all.
Take a lesson from Warren Buffett who understands, even though he is far from small business.

I see the single issue facing small business is shrinking demand for what we sell. This is linked to a shrinking middle class with cash to spend. Even our weekenders are hiding in their second homes.
For 30 years average income, adjusted for inflation, has not gone up. Only the rich are getting richer...the rest of us are sliding backwards and have less and less to spend on anything other than food, shelter and clothing.

Anonymous said...

Some regulations and regulators may be unethical themselves (or just plain dumb) but the alternative of having no regulations is much worse.
Only a man who thinks his profits are the most important thing would want to see a world where anything goes and who cares about the public.