Tuesday, September 06, 2011


As I touched on previously, Ulster County's DSS is very good at getting clients and running programs that help locals and new people who need help the most.  I understand that as a result, they need more space.

The obvious choice for the county would be to allow DSS to grow into what is now the UCCC Business Resource Center. It is part of the same plaza as the rest of the Department and would only seem natural to keep all of their operation at one location.

But what to do with the College Business Center?

Might I suggest using some of the vacant buildings at TechCity?
Imagine having a secure, designated parking area at a location closer to Rt 209 in a space that's easily modified to accommodate such a learning facility.
Students might even be inspired to study solar technology in a business application through one of their programs.

Perhaps the best reason to move the  resource Center would be to separate the two very different operations that the County and College manage. It always seemed odd to me to have an annex to UCCC who's mission is to get people working, right next to the Department that specializes in issuing checks to landlords across the county.


Anonymous said...

There's a serious problem when Kingston's businesses are closing left and right, but the DSS needs space to expand.

I'm surpised that this does not alarm you. Who is going to pay your salary when the majority of taxpayers are leaving?

Anonymous said...

It all sounds good on paper but when the County bought the complex there must be something in the agreement that states part of it would be used for UCCC and other One-Stop offices. It was the convenience to coordinate County services in one location instead of paying rent to a number of landlords (i.e. Aaron and Co). Better check the fine print on that one. And thank P. Sinagra who master-minded that deal because he thought the County should own buildings. There is probably a plaque honoring him for having the foresight to seal that real estate or they named a wing after him. Have someone give you a tour some day.

Mike Madsen said...

We actually touched on this issue at the Programs Committee Tuesday night. It seems the college has their own desire to leave the DSS Plaza as well. Parking being only one.
They've stayed this long only because the rent they pay to the county for that space is below rate. Yes, they pay rent.
One committee member actually suggested the former Woolworths on Wall St Kingston. Take a guess who.

joe frank said...

DSS is a tenant of SUNY Ulster. It is my understanding that SUNY Ulster owns the whole building.

Perhaps DSS should move.

By the way, how is it that two days ago FEMA needed between 25,000 and 80,000 feet and today they move into the BRC??

Anonymous said...

SUNY Ulster should move to the Woolworth's Building or did I not understand your post? If that is true, that has to be the most ridiculous suggestion ever. We know who owns that building and it is equally unsuitable for any County department to move into for all the obvious reasons. I'm surprised to learn that SUNY Ulster pays us rent. Interesting bookkeeping. Keep us updated on BRC tenants moving here and there.