Sunday, July 24, 2011


The recent bombings and massacre in Oslo, Norway has everyone thinking about their own safety. At first I was in awe that a bomb went off in the Capital, but coupled with the horror that followed at the island youth camp, I found myself weeping, wondering how can someone actually do such a thing?
   We have since heard about the suspect and what his motives were. What's frightening is how many incidents we've had here and in other countries of similar nature. Fundamentalism of any kind always ends up hurting crowds of innocent people. 

What prompts someone to actually act on these beliefs is truly unknown to us. 
We can only lend our support to the victims and continue our vigilance of providing safety in our own neighborhoods to the best of our ability. Below is a video from a coffee shop surveillance cam,era during the blast at the Capital.

My opinion; this Breivik monster cant suffer enough to bring back all he has taken. My Norwegian brothers & sisters across America have a heavy heart as we learn of the extent of this tragedy. All of our thoughts are with them.

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