Monday, July 18, 2011


As tradition would have it, I found myself at the Immaculate Conception Church on Delaware Avenue this past weekend as they were celebrating their annual Bazaar. The combination of karaoke, gaming, beer and food makes for a good time for all who attend, but throw in us politicos and the party takes on a new vibe.
As you can see, we all have plenty of fun during the two day event since most candidates actually get along quite well. The attendees also like that we are all behaving like adults. Rich sang, what has become a staple of his repertoire, Johnny B Goode. He was the only Mayoral candidate brave enough to take the stage.
Like the others, Shayne met most of the attendees as they fully expect us candidates to reintroduce ourselves. I got to see a few folks that hardly get out as well. They come to expect to see many of us in person during events like this, so it was odd that a large number chose to skip it this year.

One thing is for sure, I never leave the bazaar hungry. There's no escaping the delicious Golabki,  home-made deserts, and fried dough. 
(all low calorie of course)

There are plenty of social events ahead of us and I look forward to seeing many new faces and many old friends as the summer campaign continues. Stay cool!


Anonymous said...

Immaculate Conception Bazaar, not St. Mary's.

Mike Madsen said...

Corrected. Thank you.