Wednesday, June 29, 2011


A few days ago, while driving through Ulster, I passed the local franchise of Five Guys Burgers. There were a few women along 9W holding signs indicating that purchases today would help Women Veterans. We stopped in.

These women are tough as nails, but they had fallen on tough emotional times since coming back to civilian life. Everyone who serves, experiences something different. When faced with different circumstances, they take different paths. Samaritan Village is there to help.
It was a joy to speak with the group. They spoke about the program and where they served as well as touching on issues facing the county like Golden Hill and Mental health. People dont realize just how related many of these facilities and programs are.

The first NYS licensed residential treatment facility designed exclusively for women veterans began operations on January 31, 2011. 
A small group of pioneering women veterans moved in to the newly-built facility located on the grounds of the Samaritan Village Ellenville campus. 
In recognition of their special treatment needs, and with gratitude for their service to our country, New York State awarded funding to Samaritan Village to develop a program specifically for women veterans. Building upon 15 years of proven expertise in veteran-specific treatment services, Samaritan’s new program will provide trauma-informed care, individual and group counselling, gender-specific counselling, vocational/educational rehabilitation and family reunification services. 

The veterans described their difficulty adjusting to civilian life after experiencing war; of using alcohol and drugs to medicate their feelings; of not knowing where to get help; of the importance of long-term recovery programs that recognize veterans’ special needs; and of their relief in finding Samaritan Village.

If you or anyone you know could use the services offered here, or if you'd like a tour of the facility, contact:

Samaritan Village 

(845) 647-8006

751 Briggs Highway,  
Ellenville, NY 12428 
Cross Streets: Between Birchall Rd and Frog Hollow Rd/Badner Ln


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mike for this important information. I have been looking for a place to donate money that goes specifically for veterans that have served in a war zone. Great article.Also need to know if they have a charitable fund set up for direct contributions from payrolls.

Anonymous said...

While we focus on issues in our immediate neighborhoods, It's also good to see you are paying attention to people beyond. Post Traumatic Stress is nothing to ignore. It can tear a family apart just like the unruly juveniles in midtown. And just as our community will figure out how to curb the troubled youth, we will nurse our veterans back to mental health. So long as our elected see fit to continue this vital task. Glad to have Samaritan Village in Ulster County!

Anonymous said...

I am a Vietnam Veteran, and a graduate of the Samaritan Village Veterans Program in Manhattan (a.k.a the 43rd herd.)There is also one in Queens (the Hooch,) and now the new one in Ulster, Ellenville,called the Haven.
As someone once said "A person who has been in war can never NOT be that person again. Samaritan has helped us so much to deal with this.
Mike, thanks so much for your article. It was spot on! It was also good to see that the comments were positive. Bless Samaritan, and bless you all for your support!
From someone who can now say he is a PROUD VIETNAM VETERAN

DonnaForWomenVeterans said...

Mike, Thank you so much for helping to get the word out that we are here for any woman veteran who needs our services. If anyone who reads this wants to be in touch with us to refer someone, make a donation, or (as Mike suggests) just come for a visit, you are MOST welcome to call us at 647-8007. I'm at extension 3193.
Thanks for your support for our women veteran--and ALL those who serve our country.
Program Director,
Women Veterans Program,
Samaritan Village,
Ellenville NY