Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Below is a letter sent by Lawrence Delarose to our Governor Andrew Cuomo sent only a few days ago. I thought I would publish the letter on behalf of Larry to increase the odds of a response from the Governor and our State Legislators.

Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo June 9, 2011
Governor of New York State
New York State Capitol Building
Albany, New York 12224

Honorable Governor Cuomo:

This is my fourth attempt to get a response from your office on the issue of double dipping by sitting state legislators.

While I commend your efforts to bring reform to Albany with your legislation on ethics reform and pension reform it is alarming to note that neither effort addresses the issue of double dipping.

You currently have 15 members of the “club” sitting in the state legislature being paid twice with taxpayers dollars to do the same job. How to you explain this situation to the thousands of New Yorkers struggling to make ends meet in the current economic recession? The simple answer is you don’t.

I once again urge you to use the influence of your office to put an end to this “gaming” of the retirement system at taxpayers expense.


Lawrence M. Delarose


Anonymous said...

What about ones like Hinchey who have been collecting a Pension from NY since the day he left the Assembly in 93, even as he serves and draws a salary in Congress?

Anonymous said...

Actually the issue here is the drawing of a pension for a position that you are still serving. There are examples of multiple pensions abound, but the double pay for the same job is what gets me in a bunch.

Anonymous said...

Simple solution is if you are still serving as an elected official at any level, you can not collect a pension earned as an elected official.

It is called sacrifice and we should all share in it, including elected officials.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen to the elected officials who are double dipping. Instead Cuomo will ram his new tier 6 plan through. No wonder the unions are up in arms over this. Keep hurting the little guy so the fat cats in Albany can keep cheating the taxpayers

Anonymous said...

Not for nothing Mike, but don't you receive free health insurance for a part time job as legislator?

Lets be fair. Most politicians find loop holes to help themselves not the people they represent.

Anonymous said...

SIMPLE: New York is the most corrupt state,in my opinion.
I think we should have a MASS exidus from this life-sucking state.