Thursday, March 31, 2011


Former town of Ulster Supervisor Nicky Woerner comes back to his home town with tremendous name recognition. People who don't like him, cant help but talk about him at their dinner tables nightly. Those who like him, find themselves going to work everyday, minding their own affairs and struggling to raise families in the Hudson Valley. 
Either way, he has moved back and announced Wednesday that he plans to run for the Fifth Ward Council seat in November.
Woerner was successfully replaced Fred Wadnola as Supervisor back in 2006. Fred has since run for and won a place on the County Legislature. He is our Chairman. Woerner served two terms as one of the youngest town executives in the state and did a quality job of it. He has since been replaced in one of the most expensive Supervisor races within the state by Jim Quigley.
Having worked with Mr Woerner in recent months, I have to agree with his statement in the Freeman: “For some time now, I have been considering a way to help out, and now that I am back in the city, I think that this is an appropriate place for me to do some work and run for Alderman of the Fifth Ward.” From my perspective, the job he has at TechCity in Ulster must seem limited in that it doesn't perform a civic service. Something Nick is addicted to. I can identify with that.
I was present when Jen Fuentes told Woerner that she will not run for reelection this November. She has since told the rest of the world. She told the paper: “It has been a great honor to serve, but I never went into this to be a lifelong politician.”
During this early political atmosphere, it seems strange that we would be talking about aldermanic positions in March, but considering the same people who were pushing Nick to primary Alderman-At-Large Noble are now seeking a challenger for the Ward seat, is perplexing at the onset.  They confuse me.
Woerner, a Kingston native, wants to have a place in City government where he can offer what he's learned while in office. Being Supervisor is no easy task. Ask Jim since taking office and you'll hear the same. 
I think Jim suffers from "buyer's remorse" now that he's been there a while. But he's doing the job none the less.
We've seen Town of Ulster grow during the Wadnola & Woerner years. If Nick can bring any of what he's acquired in contacts to the City of Kingston, I think we'd all benefit. 
Woerner does talk about the family history and has said part of his reason for running is that he wants to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, Larry Woerner. But I think Nick sells himself short. He's no slouch and follows a rigid work and social ethic. Once in office, he's liable to fit in well with a Council that has suddenly discovered they have to act. 


Anonymous said...

Woerner didn't beat Wadnola. I thought Wadnola retired that year? (And should have stayed retired).

I can't remember who he beat that year though. Was that the Wise year?

Either way, if Nick wins I hope he uses better judgement this time around. He was definitely on the Marc Molinaro track when he first got elected, but he let some pretty low life influences drag him down. He isn't a dummy that is for sure, and he always seemed like a nice enough guy. But in the end I wouldn't have voted for him for dog catcher. I think if he does some time on the council keeps his head down and does the right thing, he may get back on track.

Anonymous said...

Not for nothin, but Woerner has done more to help the Town of Ulster residents, taxes aside, in the four years he was in office than most of the Aldermen have in a decade. This includes your term in office too Mike.
I suggest comparing the flakes that have staked a claim to the Alderman positions in years past and have a laugh. Where have any of them made Kingston the "Beacon2" that everyone refers to? Lots of talk.
So those of you who have served for 20 years and suddenly have fresh ideas, I say bull shit. Those of you who just moved into town and decide to run; the same.
Give Nick credit for throwing his hat in the ring when noone with any sense should be heading for an elected position. The Ward 5 people suffered with Ann Marie DiBella, you cant do any worse.


Anonymous said...

Woerner is a good guy. He fought the battle of having the devil (Aaron)to deal with. He and the devil ended their professional and personal relationships almost 16 months ago. He will be a great Alderman for the people of Ward 5. He understands government, knows how to get things accomplished and never takes no for an answer when it comes to helping people. He has learned a lot in the last 6 years. Who his real friends are and who are not. He should be running for Mayor but he understands that it's just not the right time. Let him serve the Council you will be impressed. He's got my Vote!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I saw the comments on the Freeman. They were mean and unfounded. I went past the old Subway Friday morning, saw Woerner shuffling laundry from door to car. He parks his car at the curb from 6pm to 7am. Do people really think he has someone drive him to his mom's house at night and then drop him off in the morning to create the illusion that he lives there? For real?
Just the mere fact that so many of these cretins jumped on him anonymously indicated just how much they fear him as a candidate.


Anonymous said...

I just want to see change in Kingston. I look at the Council line-up in disgust. Candidates from all parties have gotten in, maintained the status-quo, then sat there for years. The voting public bares some of the blame. Unless theres a primary, no-one moves.
We are looking at a big change in Mayor, Common Council and Legislature this year. Do your research, decide who would benefit the people who currently live and work here rather than importing people from artist colonies.
If Nick proves himself worthy to the voters in Ward 5, then let him serve the City of Kingston and get another shot.
Being mean in the comment section of a Blog doesnt help.