Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Here's a picture of Elliott Auerbach checking his smart phone to see his election results. Thinking: "Hmm I wonder if I won something?"

Seriously, Congratulations Comptroller Auerbach on a successful re-election to the newly formed Ulster County Comptrollers position. You've got some serious challenges ahead of you and the taxpayers are looking to you to tackle the lingering "wrongs" of the past 40 years of "Good Ol Boy" inside corruption. 
Thank you for accepting the challenge for the next three years.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the RRA investigation to really open some shit up! Glad to have you back Elliott! Not a minute too soon.
Get your seatbelt on people.

Anonymous said...

Elliott is so concerned about the inequity of all the departments under his supervision, why doesn't he include the clerks office and see how much money is owed to people from debtors.
Most, like myself, have our judgments filed with the county, why doesn't the county assist in collecting, especially when they employ those debtors?