Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Sometime during this past Sunday evening-Monday morning hours, the Midtown Barber on Broadway was burglarized. Kicking in the back door from the back parking lot, the culprits made off with clothing, sneakers and some hair cutting supplies.

Joseph Sanji, owner of the shop said he was shocked that someone would target a barbershop, but understands that it's hard to follow what goes on in the head of what was probably a "strung out" crack head.

The lights in the window were unplugged, the clothes were taken, hangers included, and the boxes of designer sneakers were part of the big haul. 
Joseph said: "The odd part; why would someone take half a bottle of shampoo, my expensive scissors and raid the candy dish?" 
Officer Powers dusted for prints and set out to get the surveillance footage from the Kingston Hospital who have a camera facing the back lot. What any of this will reveal, we don't know yet. But if anyone hears about a new barber wearing new sneakers and fresh urban wear looking to rent a chair at some salon, let KPD know about it.

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Anonymous said...

So long as our officers show up late or fail to document what's going on out there, crime is down in Kingston.

When is the last time someone got a speeding ticket? It's an opportunity to look in cars, check driving status and know who's visiting the city at 3pm or 3am. Use the tools available to you and you'll make a bigger difference. You shouldn't have to wait until dispatch tells you to act.