Saturday, August 07, 2010


The AP just posted on the web and has since been tweeted a million times. So I thought to pass it along on the Blog...

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown have filed legal motions telling a federal judge that allowing same-gender marriages is the right thing to do.

The governor and attorney general almost always defend state laws when they are challenged. But in this case, both refused to participate in fighting the lawsuit aimed at overturning the ban.

Brown is the Democratic nominee for governor on the November ballot and he previously called the ban unconstitutional.

Schwarzenegger has been more circumspect on his Proposition 8 position and his motion to immediately resume gay marriage was his boldest pronouncement on the issue.

“The administration believes the public interest is best served by permitting the court’s judgment to go into effect, thereby restoring the right of same-gender couples to marry in California,” lawyers for Schwarzenegger said in the legal filing. “Doing so is consistent with California’s long history of treating all people and their relationships with equal dignity and respect.”


Anonymous said...

The crying from the conservatives about the Librul Judge is absurd. And this notion that one judge can turn over the willm of the people?

It's ok when a judge overturns the off shore oil drilling moratorium. These same conservatives were gung-ho about that one!
But somehow interfering with the will of the people when gay rights are concerned? The will of the people also tolerated, slavery, the incarceration of the Japanese, the Expulsion of the Chinese, Jim Crow, restricted golf courses and, restrictions on interracial marriage.

The steps we are taking to secure equality today will be celebrated by the majority as indicators that we, as a nation, have steadily matured over the decades.


Anonymous said...

This LIBERAL judge was appointed by George H. W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan before him TRIED to appoint him, but the appointment was brought down by, among others, Nancy Pelosi. Read up on it.
The proper conservative, constitutionally sound stance is to make the law equal for all citizens, and that's what Judge Walker is trying to do