Friday, August 13, 2010


Saturday, August 14th, NY Attorney General candidate Eric Dinallo made a few stops in Kingston. A few dozen people came out to meet him and ask questions of the man who served as the "undersheriff" of Wall Street while Eliot Spitzer was making significant strides to clean up the corruption in our financial industry.

Eric put violent criminals behind bars as a prosecutor in Robert Morgenthau’s office, held Wall Street accountable as Assistant Attorney General under Eliot Spitzer, stood up to health insurance companies and won health care for 400,000 kids as our state’s top insurance regulator, and protected average investors as an internal watchdog in private financial firms.

I have to add, that regardless of your political affiliation, you know New York needs an AG with experience, who demonstrates creative thinking, and has the determination to continue Andrew Cuomo’s fight against injustice and wrongdoing; whether it be on city streets, in corporate suites, or in the halls of government itself.
So here is a link to Eric's Rural Agenda to get you started.

For more information about Dinallo, go to


Anonymous said...

Hadn't thought much about the AG race up until now. At your suggestion, I took a look at his site. Did a search of the others and read some articles about the race.
It seems like allot is going on but nobody is aware outside of the political circle.

I like that Dinallo served on that office with Spitzer, that makes me consider him above the politicians. It's a pity they're all lawyers.


Anonymous said...

Sean Coffey, check him out.

To TRB, Or Terry as everyone else calls you, I believe that the ATTORNEY General should be an ATTORNEY, but that's just me.

Anonymous said...

I have met Rice, Brodsky and Dinallo. Havent had the chance for the other two. Funny that 4:31 mentions that they're all lawyers. That is a shame. However, of the lot, I used to support Schneiderman, but even he comes across as a smooth politician at a time when I want a break from that noise. I'll be looking at Coffey and now Dinallo.

Anonymous said...

Hello 11:17, my first name is Thomas. You can call me Tom, but not Tommy or TR. Thanks.
As for the Attorney being a lawyer, I hope you recognize sarcasm in the real world. Perhaps it doesn't carry through enough for you in print but I thought is was sharp enough that everyone would find humor in it. I was wrong.

TRB - Ponchockie

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just followed the link here from CapTonight. Nice job Mike.

Eric is a worthy candidate and, although I haven't met any of the Democrats running, I agree with your assessment of who is more qualified.

Although I am a fan of Cuomo for our next governor, I am a little put off about his not-so-secretive support of Rice. The others are too slick and frankly don't know what goes on in that office as Dinallo would. Let's see what happens in September.


Anonymous said...

Schneiderman got the endorsement of the New York Times. He is the most progressive candidate working. Some nice kudos for Danillo. Coffey was acknowledged as an attractive candidate who needs some political seasoning. Brodsky and Rice were summarily discounted.

I am just as impressed with the Daily News endorsement of Dinallo. A little more detail in this one.

Yes Schneiderman is a lawyer and a politician but he had the guts to force out the Senate Dem riff raff and push for repeal of the Rockerfeller drug laws that was a boondoggle for Republican, upstate jails.

Schneiderman or Dinallo are ready for the job.