Sunday, November 01, 2009


Well, Election time is here. You've had the whole summer to banter about who did what and who will win and why. I have to say, through all the challenges and the expense, it sure has been great to visit old friends and meet new ones throughout the district.

All of us who jump into a political campaign can identify with the thrill and exhaustion that comes after a full day of one-on-one door engagement. Past and current candidates know exactly what I'm talking about.

For those volunteers who work so hard within the party structure, you aren't commended enough for what you do. Regardless of your affiliation, you do what you can in relation to your ability and your passion f
or your candidate's cause. You deserve to be recognized.

As for the turn-out estimates for this off-year election...I'm hoping the experts are wrong. I want to see people motivated and willing to take part in the process.
This is the election cycle that matters at the local level and involves candidates that you've actually met. And lets face it...If a local candidate didn't make the effort to cast a shadow on your door...

This Tuesday, you'll have the opportunity to make a difference locally because every vote really does count. Ask anyone who's won or lost by a hand full of em and you'll get the verdict on that issue. Me, I'm hoping to work with Brian Cahill & Brian Shapiro (pictured left) as well as my running mate Jeanette Provenzano, who is going to be a wealth of knowledge as we work together for the betterment of District Six here in Kingston.

One disappointment is the missed opportunity to work with Phil Terpening.
(pictured with Susan Zimet).
What a tremendous loss for his family and Ulster County. As I mentioned in a past issue, he was one of the more approachable members of the Legislature and had a way of explaining issues clearly and calmly.

As for the summer of love that I've experienced, well, they say what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. This race has provided many of us with some lively conversation during what would be the wettest summer in recent history. To see the rallying suport from so many people with so many different backgrounds has given me a renewed appreciation for the very real sense of community that binds the citizens of Kingston together. For that, I am grateful.

Even with a win on Election Day, my collegues and I have to tackle the 2010 budget that threatens the quality of life in the City of Kingston. There is much work to do and little time to do it.

Thank you all for your support and continued readership here on Kingston Progressive.


Anonymous said...

I think you'll find there are some interesting characters on both sides of the aisle that you are sure to work with come this January.
The issues that face the City and County aren't usually so partisan that thoughtful people from both major parties cant work together for solutions.
Even though the press would have us believing as such.
The Legislature must work cohesively to provide a strong counterpart to the Executive. Are you willing to work toward that goal once you get there?

Anonymous said...

Mike Good Luck on Tuesday. One question before you leave as Kingsotn Alderman. What extra work is being performed by the 21 extra workers during there 2 to 4 hours of not being on "stint".

Jeremiah said...

Good Luck Tommorrow! I hope your hard work pays off.

one who knows said...

As i get my poll watchers certificates for tomorrow's big Election ready,, call my Inspectors & prep them -

I wanna wish you well, Mike, you are what i would want in my Legislator & i set a high bar.

Here is to Nina & Don, too,

Good folks & GREAT Elected Officials - True Public Servants !

Let's vote & then count em with no glitches anywhere,,

See ya @ a Victory pArty somewhere, Michael,,

As the great Al Michaels ( no relation, right ? ) says,

" Just Win , Baby "

Anonymous said...

Good Question 5:47. I hope the alderman keep up on this. The last time they took a truck off short Friday they got nothing extra done.

Anonymous said...

No mention that your visitor counter passed 100K this weekend. Very impressive my friend.

Anonymous said...

Michael, the world has changed a great deal since you first took office. You have grown in your role as well. This has got to the the perfect opportunity both for you and the city of Kingston.

What's most impressive is the way you handled the personal attacks earlier in the campaign. I see potential here. It will be fun to watch you perform on the Legislature for years to come.


Anonymous said...

And I hope all enrolled Democrats support Democratic candidates (you know who you are).

Anonymous said...

Put it this way... I am a republican and I voted for Mike.. so what's that tell you?

I cross party lines when necessary...some of the old has to go, but not all...we need an infilteration of new blood...

Anonymous said...

Madsen, you pulled it off. Sure you have to serve in the minority, but that wasnt your doing. Other towns had their issues.
As proud as we are, we still need you for the the last few months during the budget process. You may be our last voice of reason as we head into next years council.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to 1:28.
Ed Koch used to call himself the "Voice of Reason." We have no one else here with *that* kind of "Chutzpah".