Monday, November 23, 2009


The warnings are out there. You don’t want to get caught driving without your seatbelt on over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The State Police are expected to really crack down with their Buckle Up New York campaign and it wont be relegated to some random locations. They plan to be everywhere!

The goal is to get more drivers and passengers to buckle up every time they get behind the wheel and ride as a passenger. We all know it saves lives, but this is one of the holidays with the highest fatalities and seat belts are the best defence against crash-related injuries. Law enforcement will be out in force to protect the safety of our roads and highways.

Last year, there were about 400 deaths in the US on Thanksgiving Day. Half of those that died were not wearing seatbelts. Considering this weekend marks the beginning of the heavy holiday travel season, you will have that many more close encounters with on-coming traffic. People die needlessly in traffic crashes every year, the least you can do is be prepared and buckle up!


medical excuse said...

i have a letter from my Dr. exempting me from wearing my seatbelt. It has worked already a few times i have been stopped.
I am not looking forward to this seatbelt sweep, it is annoying,, go after the cellphone users & texters 1st, please,, PRIORITIES !!!
sheesh, we only hurt ourselves if we dont wear a seatbelt, not others,,, cellphoners & texters hurt all of us !!!

Anonymous said...

Mike: great post- necessary- major enforcememt now going on! Now if they will enforce cell phones here in the city.
take care

Anonymous said...

Not to be cynical, but is it possible that the driving force behind this blitz of seatbelt checking is tied into a financial gain for city , county and State in these dire economic times.? Of course, safety is good too but I think it is a secondary afterthought from the government agencies. Personally, go to the cell phoner & texters first. Like 11:38 said, they hurt more innocent people than individuals not wearing a seatbelt.

Anonymous said...

11:38- How would you like to be the Police officer or NY State HGWy patrol officer scraping you off the windshield. I agree in that you and Shelly Z believe that offenders who text and talk are also priorities. As for the seatbelt sweep- probabbly a good idea in view of the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Cellphone users and texters should be the real priority. I can not understand the anti-logic in going after seatbelt violators versus these others folks.

1 they would be much easier to catch.
2 if they can afford the phones,they could more easily afford the ticket
3 as others point out, they endanger themselves and others.
4 they sit at green lights, drive erratically, hold up traffic , drive unsafe and overly slow and
seem to get a free pass from the police and public officials.

I wonder why? And please don't tell me it can't be enforced...smitty

Anonymous said...

What a waste of time...
Police Officers should be addressing real crimes, like the crackhouses in Kingston. We live in a nanny state where personal freedom is kaput, and if you don't conform, you pay!!!

What's next?? No smoking while driving... SWD's...Ohhhhhhh Yeah.

How about banning everything while driving? Let's put mandatory cameras in all cars..if your hands are removed from the 10 and 2 position from the wheel, your credit card will automatically be deducted $200 by the nanny-big brother state...

It will never end, will it?

-Clint Brown's Love Child #2

peace...unity... love..

Anonymous said...

Goverment needs to eat, pay for pricy vacations, girlfriends... Who will pay, and how. Enforce any new law or easy one and here you go - money money money. Why in the f*cking world they care for my seat belt if I pay insurances for it. Both medical and auto. The big government is the problem not seat belt or something else. Seat belt is easy one anyway. I hope they will not invent something funnier like be clean and shaved for example, cause it's good for surroundings...