Monday, November 05, 2012


There's a Mormon Cult Bishop running for President and most people don't know what his church actually dictates. What the cartoon doesn't address is what family members endure when they try to leave the Mormon community or anything about the odd rituals that occur in their windowless church in Utah. 

I have known a few recovering Mormons in my time. As a landlord, I have had the pleasure of meeting many families. When the two issues meet, you can get an enlightening crash course in what painstaking measures these people have to prepare before making their escape. More so when there are younger children in the troop.

Americans should know about any Presidential candidate before voting. We all know what a tough vetting process Obama and Clinton put us through during the primary four years ago. We still chose Obama over McCain in the General.
Obama has been a gentleman through the three and a half years he's served considering the crazy, hurtful and slanderous crap that's been hurled his way. That alone should indicate how right we were to elect him the first time. Who else could maintain their equanimity under such an endless assault?

Since I am in New York, the urgency to get out and vote for Obama is less intense, here we GOTV for the down ticket candidates trying to unseat the few Tea Party fruitcakes that made it in two years ago.

Enjoy the informative cartoon and think about how nice it must be on planet Kolob this time of year. 


Anonymous said...

When you think about the decades of repeated bigoted views and legislative proposals offered by the modern GOP, you begin to see how it is that we got to the point where the party of Lincoln ends up putting a Bishop in one of the most prejudiced religions up as their Presidential candidate.

Here is the best example of our own American Taliban. Anti-Woman, Anti-Gay, Anti-Black, Latino & Asian, and ready to throw our seniors under the UARC bus for the sake of benefiting the top 5% of our population.

Well, the non-bigots stepped up and "Shut that whole thing down" didn't they? Funny that most of the fools who voted for Romney are actually part of the 47% that he called slackers. Fortunately, with the re-election of Obama, even those fools will get their Military paychecks, Disability and Soc Sec checks as well as their Food stamps and subsidized re-education at the Community College.

Amazing that even though so many delusional people voted against the winner, he and the system will still uphold the promise of America for all Americans. Even the obstructionists in the House and Senate cant stop the better angels in all of us.

Anonymous said...

You got it. Best of all, Obamacare will promise to pay for all the meds to treat their post election trauma. We even have a classification ready, post election stress syndrome. The medical solution to our societal regressive problem is ready. Take your meds like a good fox viewer now.