Sunday, May 13, 2012



Anonymous said...

Watch out! I think she's about to reach for the eraser!

anti-unionist said...

yup, exactly,
with all the teacher's union's bullying tactics to get the big pension packages, shorter work weeks, more teacher "conferences", personal days, sick days guilt days blah-blah days
THUG is the right description for any teacher, no matter how demure & "cute" you try & paint them

Mike Madsen said...

Are you guys serious? Have you ever crunched the numbers to see how much taxpayers actually pay teachers per student per day?
Even is they were just babysitting, they'd be the cheapest you could find.
We've had so many decades of cuts to our education system that it's no shock that the US is where it is in the global education ranking.
And to think, these are the front line in making a better America and yet additional tax breaks for millionaires is all the real thugs in congress can offer.
Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Education is the antidote for ignorance. Teachers are now being targeted after the fact. Bashing teachers does give us a good look at those among us that harbor ill intent toward society and see teachers as a threat to their evil cultural diseases. The eraser comment was a joke.

Anonymous said...

Ok, the budget crisis is over for now. It's time to bash union contracts and rollback mandates. Who cares if unteachable rugrats run wild in the streets? Why should we care if property crime skyrockets? I mean we pay cops and plenty to the jail to just lock them up. Tomorrow never comes right? They get sophisticated criminal training at $80k a year so they can move up to kingpin status. Nevermind the cost. Only the best for our cultivated criminal class. We can save thousands now to pay tens of thousands later and we get lots of violent crime victims as a bonus! Who could argue against that? No, we don't need no stinkin' mandates.

Anonymous said...

Folks- It is not us vs. them, that being said teachers after working hard for 30 years retiring at $80,000 + or 1.5 times the median Ulster County salary of $51,000 TAX FREE in NY State with Free Health Care for the rest of their lives is unsustainable in Ulster County.

The system is broken and MUST be fixed, right- sized, down-sized whatever it is you want to call it or there will be no Tax Payors left in UC.

Anonymous said...

Well the salaries weren't sufficient to educate one tax "payor" posting here. This is the problem in a nutshell. Too many victims of social promotion keeping incomes low and wanting to condemn efforts to professionally educate young people. Yes, we want to make sure no more "payors" live here by giving kids better education.
It's too late for the victims of the past.

Anonymous said...

I never saw an lp gas checker! Where's the lp gas Prius? Does Bloomburg have one? Speaking of next week's summit, I love the idea of Manhattan casinos! And locally, $20 million so far evaporating. A few well placed words and the house of saud drops $38 bil. Abandon the hwy or I'll start getting irritated. Kingston is within the evacuate zone for Indian point. Remember the last time I bought potassium iodide? Yeah I'm real fuckin' crazy, just try it again. Plausible deniability, ain't it grand? BTW, nice letter, "outstanding American", thanks.