Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Mayor Shayne Gallo supports a plan by an affordable-housing provider to turn a former Midtown factory building into a 55-unit apartment complex.
Gallo said the renovation project by Rural Ulster Preservation Co. would transform a vacant building, add to the city’s housing stock, serve to help revitalize Midtown, and provide an oasis for young artists and couples.
“It would improve the quality of life in that neighborhood and contribute to the revitalization of Midtown,” Gallo said. “We need to do anything we can to revitalize Midtown and the (project) goes a long way to that end.”

The above statement and quote are from the Daily Freeman, and let me say, I am thrilled to have started my day with such news. Anyone who knows recent Kingston history remembers a not-too-distant Common Council that worked hard to change the zoning around this abandoned mill.The idea was fostered by former Alderman Chris Gonyea of Ward 2 in his attempt to increase our urban housing stock. After much effort, he Artist Loft Mixed-Use Overlay was born and extended into this M-1 Zone. 
I'm glad to have worked with Chris and the rest of my former colleagues to help lay the opportunity for RUPCO and associates to make this huge investment in this neighborhood.

Another great point: Gallo stressed that the creation of housing at the former United States Lace Curtain Mill site would help Midtown businesses as well because people living in the facility would frequent neighborhood shops and restaurants.
The right Mayor at the right time.


Anonymous said...

RUPCO can't fill the old Kirkland Hotel. $15M for 55 units how do they make money on htis?

Anonymous said...

We need that property to contribute to our city in some way. If Gallo can get some action, any action to take place there, we'd all be better off.
Now, about that Kings Inn site...

Anonymous said...

RUPCO cna't fill the Kirkland nor the condos on Clinton Ave. How does this work 55 units for $15M?