Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Congrats to Ricky Santorum on his primary wins in Alabama and Mississippi. The south may actually rise again. Who knows.
Will Newt get out and provide the path for Ricky to take Romney out at Tampa? Time will only tell.
Meanwhile, None of them are talking about GWBush, the two unnecessary wars, Medicaid Part D, Wall Street prospecting inflated gas prices and that the Stock market is way up & economy is turning around.  
C'mon fellas, get to these talking points. You'll be faced with it once either of you is the nominee.


Anonymous said...

No one understands the power of video. Your words are out there for all to review. Mandate Mitt can't run from his proud initiative any more than Rick can run away from his anti-choice statements. All I can say is keep talking fellas.

Anonymous said...

None of them are talking about...

the two unnecessary wars: Democrats voted for.

Medicaid Part D: Democrats voted for.

Wall Street prospecting inflated gas prices: Obama and his Energy Secretary support higher gas prices.

Stock market is way up: Higher than 4q 2007? I think not.

Oh, we WILL be talking about these things. Obama will just stick to Hope and Ch..., well Hope anyway.