Monday, February 20, 2012


Another self loathing basher revealed. With the sudden exit of Romney's campaign co-chair under the circumstances we've been inundated with, I no longer think of all the haters in the same light as before. I now see them as closeted weaklings struggling with internalized homophobia, usually with a long history of hurting those who are comfortable with their sexual orientation.
So where does this put Mitt? Santorum is nipping at his heels in Michigan; "his home state"as they say, and Ricky's whole campaign is about gays, abortion and sweater vests. Crazy I know.
If you add Mitt's comments about the auto industry into the mix, the state becomes a playing field. He certainly didnt need his campaign manager "Coming OUT" and dating one of those damned "Illegals" right before the primary. Who else is entertained by all of this?
So there he is, Paul Babeu, the tough-talking, anti-immigration Arizona sheriff taking up valuable prime time news cycles with his personal peccadilloes when Mitt needs some quality catch-up time. 
You'll notice FOX News has not been kind either.

So what are we left with heading into February 28?  Mittens, Newt, Ricky and Ron all spending lotsa money. Certainly helps the networks and printing companies. 
Then there's this little development... the push to link a Ron Paul/Andy Napolitano ticket for the White House. You cant make this stuff up. Every Libertarian just wet their seat at the idea.
In reality, every one of these guys falls short of President Obama in the polls, so what's there to do for a blue state liberal like me? 
Simple; I'll just head out and pick up a few argyle sweater vests at JCPenny and watch the show.


Anonymous said...

Argyle sweater vest. That's funny.
Watching these guys tear each other up like this is fun. That PayPal guy just gave more money to Ron Paul and Santorum is catching shit for another comment. Meanwhile, the GOP is focused on Gas prices. When do we get back to JOBS?

Anonymous said...

You could add that Mitts numbers started slipping about the same time Trump endorsed him. With the comb-over out on the stump, his unfavorables have tripled.

Anonymous said...

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your picatta friend... no capers please :)

Anonymous said...

Could it be the great slayer of the dinosuarus homophobicus is getting new city job?