Sunday, December 08, 2013


Amazing as it seems, Jeremy Blaber got some additional press a few days ago. 
The Kingston Daily Freeman published his name and picture in the Police Beat section of the paper.

He allegedly burgled some offices on the second floor of the Millard Building on Broadway. 

Well, in addition to the charges published in the paper, he also did the unthinkable here at my home.

While campaigning for Alderman, he took temporary residence in my old office in my home. 
Note: An elected official must live in the district he/she represents at the time they take the oath of that office. He had found an apartment in Ward nine and intended to move in by November 1st.

Then the Primary happened. Not the outcome he wanted.

Jeremy then took a few days vacation. While away, I got a call from a local printing company asking about a bad check. It seems Jeremy had found an old defunct checkbook, forged my signature, and paid for his printing needs leading up to the primary. The printing company is aware of what happened.

Acknowledging the terrible deed, he promised to make good on he bill by the end of November. 
Fast forward to week one of December, we see he's accused of burglary. 
Seems I'm going to have to go to the court and highlight his indiscretions from late August.  


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you were a victim also of Jeremy. It seems anyone who has tried to help this guy ends up holding the bag. the best thing is for no one to bail him out anymore, he needs to want to help himself. Happy you are back Mike. Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Is the pizzeria closed

Mike Madsen said...

Yes, PRIMO PIZZA is closed.

Anonymous said...

Well, what's taking you so long to press charges before the statute of limitations run out? If not, you can chalk the loss up to "the little bxsxaxd" got me too.